Low Cost Medical Care

As Tarrant County’s community health network, JPS Health Network wants to make sure that all residents of our county have a medical home to keep them healthy. We understand that sometimes life throws curve balls. Many people experience a time in their life when the cost of medical care seems overwhelming.

That’s why JPS provides a number of different assistance programs. By enrolling in the JPS Connection program, you and your family can see JPS doctors for regular check-ups, specialists for your specific health concerns and even get your prescriptions filled at low cost.

As of October 2013, the federal Affordable Care Act provides health insurance for many people who could not afford it before. But the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, does not cover everyone and many of the new insurance plans have high deductibles and coinsurance costs.  If you are eligible to sign up for insurance at work or under the Affordable Care Act (www.HealthCare.gov and www.CuidadoDeSalud.gov,) you should do so.

Click here for information about the Affordable Care Act.